1.  If you are an admin, you can click on Account Settings under your profile icon.

2. On your account settings page, you will see a row of tabs; Address Details, Contact Details, Subscriptions, and Users
3. Click on the Users tab.  

4. Click on the blue + icon on the far bottom right of the screen.
5. Add the details below for the new user.
  • First Name
  • Middle (not required)
  • Last Name
  • Email Address Be sure to click the 'Email Verified' and "Active" buttons are check or the user will not receive emails.

6. Add the user go a group. If the user will be an admin, select "user::role::app::admin". If the user will not need admin permissions, select "user::role::app::standard".

A user must be added to at least one group!

7. Click the blue "Add User" button.

If the user has been successfully created, you will see this message appear at the top of the screen.

As soon as you create and save your new user, the user will receive an email from notifications@trabex.io with a temporary password and instructions on how to confirm their account.

New Users will have 10 days confirm their new account and set their permanent password. 

If this does not happen within 10 days, their account will expire and their account will need to be recreated.

If you are not an admin or need help with creating, editing, or deleting users, please contact us at support@globalwizardexpots.com.