Entities can be added in two places within Trabex.

  1. Within a Shipment
  2. In the Client Data Entity Screen.

Adding an Entity within a Shipment

To add an entity to a shipment, click on the Entities menu on the left navigation menu. A sub menu will appear for which entity type you would like to add.

For the entity chosen, type in all necessary information and click the "Save" button.

Entities can also be added from saved data using by typing a few characters in the Exporter Name or Code Number field and clicking "Search".

Adding or Editing an Entity within Client Data

Entities can be added to your companies profile for later use if they are used frequently.

To save a new Entity, go to Client Data and select Entities from the menu.

From here, you can search for an existing Entity to edit by typing in a few characters and clicking "Search" or click "New Shipping Entity" to start a new Entity record.

From here, provide all necessary details needed for this Entity and be sure to click "Save".

For more information, check out the Trabex User Guide.


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