The government assigns Schedule B / HTS Codes to all goods eligible for export out of the United States. Every good exported must have a Schedule B / HTS code. It tells custom agents what is in the package.

With exporting, it's important to find the most appropriate Schedule B / HTS code for the good.

The government does a yearly update of Schedule B / HTS codes to better define categories and database improvement.

Global Wizard uses these two resources below maintain the Schedule B/HTS codes within the database to ensure compliance for exporting.

1. Exporting -
2. Importing -

With this, you may find that a Schedule B or HTS code that you've previously used has been obsoleted and you must find a new number.

Global Wizard has two places to see obsolete Schedule B / HTS Codes.

1. In Client Data>Products> Clicking on the "Search" button but without putting in any search details

2. In Client Data>Products>Schedule B Management.

Global Wizard cannot automatically update Schedule B / HTS Codes but it  does provide access to databases that will determine the new, most appropriate Schedule B / HTS code to use.

  1. Click on "Client Data"
  2. Click on the Products menu and select "Schedule B/HTS Finder.
  3. A new window will appear with an input screen for keywords. This may take some trial and error to get into the most appropriate category.  Once you find the new Schedule B / HTS code, copy it to your saved product in either of the two menu screens above and click "Save".

For more information, check out the Global Wizard User Guide.